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Where to begin?

There is so much to do, where do I begin??  When I walk through my house, I see stuff, stuff, and MORE stuff! It’s amazing to me how much stuff we can gather and collect!

I have been working a little at a time and have managed to declutter a couple of areas – kitchen desk, bottom shelf of pantry, 2 shelf units in the garage.  Even though I have made some progress, I know I could be more effective.  When I have 15 minutes I have been frozen in not knowing where to focus my efforts.  The 15 minutes pass as I walk around the house trying to decide where I should begin.  Before I know it, the time has passed and some other event has taken over.   Does this happen to you?

In the coming weeks I will be creating a zone calendar which will define the area in the home that I should be decluttering.  Then when I have 15 minutes to spare, I can see which zone I should focus on and begin!

I hope this helps!

My First 15 Minutes!

I have officially started my mission to declutter my house!  My first project was to clear my desk.  So I started with the basic supplies – a timer set for 15 minutes, some good music that makes you move (Billy Joel is often my choice) and 4 bags labeled:

Throw It, Keep It, Sell It, Give It

The 4 bag system

  1. Keep It
  2. Throw It
  3. Give It
  4. Sell It
Now the trick to make this a productive activity is to FOCUS for the full 15 minutes.  It is AMAZING how much you can get done if you focus for the full 15 mintues.  (It is also amazing at how easy it is to get distracted).
I was able to focus and tackle the task!  Success!  Here are the before and after photos -



Yes, my desk really did look like that.  Over the days, and weeks, it became a collection place for most of my handyman project items.  These items quickly were placed in the Keep It bag and taken to the garage.  The Throw It bag was also used.  The Sell It and Give It bags were actually empty for this task this time.

I was also able to repair my desk drawer in the 15 minutes!  The front had been off and sitting there, and it took about 45 seconds to put it back on – that’s it – 45 seconds!

As I look at the AFTER picture, I do realize that there was MORE to declutter – I probably don’t need to have so many pens and pencils on top of the desk when I have 2 drawers underneath, and that plastic letter holder thing is just filled with stuff that I probably can live without.  I look forward to revisiting this task again in the near future.

On a Mission to Declutter My House!

Clean Family Room

Do you dream of a clutter free home? 

Then follow me on my mission to declutter my house!

I will start with two 15 minute power sessions per day.  I will focus time to declutter each room and area in my house.  The current mission is to just declutter – not clean, not organize, just declutter!

You can follow me on TWITTER @Decluttermyhous.


During each 15 minute power session, bring 4 bags labeled -

1) Keep It

2) Throw It

3) Give It

4) Sell It

Set your timer for 15 minutes and FOCUS on just decluttering!  For each item that doesn’t belong in that room, you will place it in one of these bags.  At the end of 15 minutes, you will IMMEDIATELY go throw away the THROW AWAY bag!

Your first mission is accomplished!  Happy decluttering!